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Now you too can be as cool as ice!


This is me :> (Thomas Pickles) [Creator of this web-site]

As an artist ...
(I drew this)

I know what looks cool.

And that's just how i like to keep things ..
as cool as ice.

I wanted apparel that reflects me, and my true character.
I couldn't find it, (so I built it).

You're an individual, and that's a good thing.
So wear it on your sleeve.

So now you too can be as cool as ice,

With a custom made and original t-shirt design
That reflects you and your true character!

Hand made, by me.

Thanks to IceCool.BE!

Finally, there's a place that reflects you!

And ... I just like doing it! Dreaming up catchy slogans,
and nifty designs :)


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